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Law Offices of Marc Grossman

Attorneys Marc Grossman and Punam Grewal have been practicing Special Education law for over 10 years. Marc Grossman is also an accomplished Civil Rights attorney. Punam Grewal is a former San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney. Together with special education advocate Steven Figueroa, they are fighting for Joseph's appropriate placement and to secure his rights under State and Federal Laws. They are also co-counsel with Matt Hardy from the Public Defenders Officer. The Grossman Team will also be heading up Joseph's Appeal with the assistance of Mr. Hardy.



Law Offices of Tania Whiteleather

Tania Whiteleather is Co-Counsel with the Grossman Firm in representing Joseph in connection with his Educational and Disability rights. Ms. Whiteleather has 25 years experience advocating for disabled minors like Joseph.






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Appeals Court

Why We Fight

Following a meeting of Nazis in Joseph's home and after his father threatened to burn their home down while everyone slept, 10 year old Joseph Hall crept down the stairs at 4:00 a.m. and shot his passed out father in the head. When the police arrived, Joseph explained that he was tired of his father hitting him and his step mom and that now he would get a new Dad. Joseph asked the police officers if his father would be coming back to life.

Joseph's life as the son of the Neo Nazi leader for the Western United States had been troubled from the beginning. His twin brother died before being born when they were both exposed to domestic violence, heroine and methamphetamine. By the age of 3, allegations of physical and sexual abuse by both of his parents were made in a court battle for his custody. By the age of 5, Joseph was diagnosed with emotional, cognitive and developmental disorders. Perhaps because of the regular beatings, Child Protective Services visited Joseph's home more than 20 times but never took any action to remove Joseph from the home. Similarly, the Riverside Department of Education also failed to take any action as required by law to provide services to Joseph to help him with his disabilities.

In January 2013, after a four month trial, Judge Jean Pfeiffer Leonard found Joseph guilty of intentional murder. As there was no question that Joseph committed the act that killed his father, the issue was whether or not Joseph had the mental capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong, to reflect, and to act with intent and volition. At this time and through the present, Joseph had been denied the assessments that were and are necessary to fully understand his special needs. The proposed disposition for Joseph by the prosecutor, the probation department and the Court is to place Joseph in the Division of Juvenile Justice making him California's youngest ever prisoner. Joseph's attorneys plan to appeal this conviction.

After his conviction, educational rights and civil rights lawyers joined the matter both to assert Joseph's rights as a disabled minor and also to ensure that Joseph's rights would no longer be violated by reason of the proposed placement in DJJ. Experts agree that it is not possible for Joseph's needs to be met in DJJ and that Joseph would be exposed to extreme harm and danger. But lawyers for the school district responsible for fulfilling Joseph's needs, the Probation Department and the Riverside County prosecutor's office all argue that Joseph should be shipped off for warehousing at DJJ until he is 23 whether or not anyone even has the assessments and information regarding Joseph's condition. This travesty of Justice not only would result in Joseph continuing to have his rights as a disabled child violated but also would preclude an examination of whether or not Joseph had the requisite mental abilities to be guilty of an intentional murder in the first instance.

This website is devoted to raising money to achieve Justice for Joseph. Joseph's attorneys, myself and other concerned citizens will not stop fighting until we get Justice. Please donate anything you can to help us with the expenses of fighting to keep Joseph out of DJJ and the appeals process.

God Bless,

Steven A. Figueroa, Educational Advocate

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